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Richard and Twylla da Silva, owners of Misconduct Wine Co are proud to announce the addition of their new brand Da Silva Vineyards and Winery to their successful Misconduct wines, located on the Naramata Bench.

To mark the 10th year anniversary, Richard and Twylla are celebrating by unveiling the new brand that reflects their evolution, winemaking and their family’s history.

The da Silva label will focus on ultra-premium, small lot wines centered around the 11 unique and diverse vineyards they manage. They are steadfast in their belief that the geography of a grape’s growth is one of the most important factors in its resulting quality. Richard and Twylla are dedicated to creating wines that are reflective of the personalities of their vineyards, using low intervention winemaking techniques and extended cellar aging.

The story began in 1955 when the da Silva family immigrated to the Naramata Bench from Portugal with only a suitcase in hand. From these humble beginnings, the family quickly applied hard work and farming technique, acquiring their first family farm in 1959. With over 60 years of farming in the Southern Okanagan Valley, the da Silva family intrinsically understands the many unique and diverse aspects of this land.

“Today, we continue the tradition with a deep-rooted connection and respect for the land”, says Richard da Silva, Proprietor and Vigneron of da Silva Vineyards and Winery. “Twylla and I drew extensively from this heritage when creating our winery in 2008 and the evolution of our journey and wines are a testament to our long family lineage. Our journey has been a true discovery of place.”

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